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Making Your Home "Fit to Sell" by Boston REMAX Agent Michael Mahoney | 617.980.9025

Making Your Home "Fit to Sell" RE/MAX Boston Agent Michael Mahoney | 617.980.9025

Boston Remax Agent Michael Mahoney

How to get your Boston Massachusetts Home Ready for the Market

Remove Yourself Emotionally When Putting Your Boston Home on the Market

Part of making your home fit to sell is to make sure you are fit to sell as well. When you put your home on the market, you will need to prepare to remove yourself emotionally from the property. If you're like me, you have many memories in your home. 

    On a personal level, I have shot the same photograph of my children for the first day of school in the same location every September at my house. Both of our kids were brought home from the hospital to our home. I think you can get the gist of what I am saying.

We all have strong memories of the place we call home.  We need to make sure we don't let our emotions get in the way of divesting of one of largest assets. This is now a business. I know it's sometimes tought to hear, but that's the perspective of the buyers.

    When a buyer comes to preview your property here in Boston, they are going to be looking at the property with a critical eye. One of the more crucial items when selling your Massachusetts home is the first impression a buyer gets when they not only walk through the front door but approach the home from the street.  Buyer's don't take into consideration any of the dinners you have had in your diningroom, the birthday parties you have had in the yard or the kids 1st day of school picture at the tree out front you have composed for 18 years.  I know it sounds kind of sad, but it's true.  

    When you are emotionally attached to the outcome it can be difficult to make the sale happen because your emotions will cloud your decision making.  As best you can, youo need to remove the emotions from rom your sale. 

    Your real estate agent is really a great asset due to the fact that they are third party to the whole process. Assuming you picked an experienced agent, you  will have a great advisor along the way. I would recommend you hire someone with years of experience and not a rookie. This is one of the largest transactions in your life. I would not risk it on taking a chance with a newer agent. You only get one shot at getting this right. 

Depersonalize Your Space When Putting Your Boston Home on the Market

If you are putting your Boston home on the market, then you need to turn your Boston home into a model home. 

“Depersonalizing” is an important step in selling your home. Since you’ve made the decision to
move away by selling your home in Boston, you need to commit yourself and remove your identity from the house. You need to let go emotionally, and this can be a tough process. Focus on turning your home into a ”model home.”

By disconnecting yourself from your house, you enable prospective buyers to emotionally
connect and envision themselves living there – and not feel as if they are guests in your home.

Your decorations and colors can be a distraction for the buyer who is trying to visualize themselves in your property. Buyers want to make an offer on a house they can see themselves in. 

Disconnecting yourself from the house will allow the buyer to allow to connect to your home. You don't want them to feel as though they are guests in your house.

We are all proud of our accomplishments, but these need to be packed up and stored so that buyer can visualize hanging their items in your home.  The buyer is not impressed with your sheepskin. 

If you want to know if your home is  "fit to sell", then you should download the checklist.

Download Remax Fit to Sell Your Home Checklist

If you need anything or have a question, you reach out to me at 617.980.9025

There are many things that you need to do prepare your home for the market.  I will help you understand by sharing a video from Remax International with you. In this second episode of the new "Fit to Sell" RE/MAX video series, learn the 10 most common mistakes sellers tend to make in the listing process - and how to avoid them. You'll also discover easy steps to maximize the value of your home.

REMAX Fit To Sell - Prepare Your Home For Sale Video


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